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AboutThe Client

Smithers is a home grown Australian swimwear label designed for the modern day gentleman. All facets of the business unfold in Sydney, most importantly the manufacturing and design elements.

Quality is paramount for Smithers and this is reflected in both their sourced materials and their brand ethos. The ideal customer-muse for Smithers is a man who embodies the six characteristics that they fittingly named each of their six designs after in their debut collection;


Smithers is dedicated to bringing elegance and sophistication to the shores, coastlines and poolsides across the globe. They feel that the men’s swimwear market is over sexualised and stimulating for all the wrong reasons. This particular line of fashion is in need of a new meaning and the team behind Smithers are the ones who will champion that change. The tag line or mission statement for Smithers is simple yet powerful; “Raise Your Level”… raise your level of sophistication; lift your standards.

Watch this short clip to discover more about Smithers

Smithers -Raise Your Level
Smithers - Gratitude

About this project

Smithers’ premium swimwear label is available exclusively online, which makes our role as the online marketing agency critical to their success. Smithers approached Well Said to design, build and develop a customised website, fully equipped with ‘cart’ and ‘checkout’ functionalities to facilitate the sale of their swimwear garments. Well Said is also responsible for all content marketing aspects for Smithers including copywriting, social media, SEO, online advertising, and email marketing.

The theme that we have created for Smithers is classic and sophisticated from the colour palettes, fonts, tone of voice, conversational techniques, and use of imagery  all the way through to the hand picked hashtags. The Smithers personality is felt across all modes of communication and is an accurate reflection of the Smithers brand DNA coupled together with their premium products for the discerning gentleman.


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