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Jessica Smith is a Paralympian, body image activist, children’s author, mother of two, and a state finalist for Young Australian of the Year from 2015. More recently, Jessica won the 2017 Cosmopolitan Woman of the Year in the ‘Game Changer’ category.

Jessica was born without a left arm, as a teenager she went on to represent Australia for swimming in the 2004 Paralympic Games. Since retiring from international competition she has dedicated her life to raising awareness around Mental Health and Mental Illness with specific emphasis on body image and eating disorders. Her aim is to highlight that Mental Health is about wellness, rather than illness.

About this project

With an impressive number of accolades and a long list of accomplishments, Jessica requires a streamlined approach to social media in order to keep her underlying message clear and concise whilst remaining relevant and appealing to her varied audiences. In response to this, Well Said has produced exclusive social media campaigns to accommodate the many hats that Jessica wears. The common thread woven throughout each campaign remains in line with Jessica’s personal branding and messages of determination, resilience, and acceptance.

Having worked with Jessica for many years, one of our proudest achievements to date was helping Jessica create her viral “Join The Revolution” campaign, which quickly attracted global attention and celebrity endorsement. Join The Revolution was a widespread success not just for Jessica, but more so for body image advocacy with thousands of young men and women from all corners of the globe including Nepal, USA and Iran joining the revolution. Off the back of the campaign, Jessica was recognised by the Australian government as the nation’s number one emerging leader at the 2013 Positive Body Image Awards.

As a loving wife and a dedicated mother of two, Jessica is still able to effectively manage her family life and media commitments as a social influencer. Her Instagram account has a cult following of more than 50,000 where she shares insightful stories and aligns with like-minded brands to promote products and services to her actively engaged audience. For a copy of Jessica’s media kit, please click here.


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