The Diamond Boss

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AboutThe Client

Louisa Nicola, better known as ‘The Diamond Boss’ is Australia’s number one female ‘peak performance coach’ for entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers and high achievers. Having a social media presence is vital in today’s day and age, particularly for Louisa who is an industry leader with a message to spread and a story to tell.


About this project

Social media marketing allows businesses to improve their branding, positively engage with their community, increase customer loyalty and secure higher conversion rates.

The Diamond Boss identified ‘brand awareness’ as the primary reason for implementing a social media marketing plan. Through the use of aesthetic styling, attractive content, key demographics and targeting specific audiences, Well Said has been able to create a unique online identity for The Diamond Boss to boost their brand awareness.

The substance feeding from these social media outlets is a refreshing blend of education, motivation, entertainment and thought-provoking content. Louisa and her team have been able to capitlise on leads generated through social media discussions which have subsequently transformed into valuable clients.

For The Diamond Boss, Instagram and LinkedIn have proven to be the most lucrative platforms when it comes to boosting brand awareness and obtaining new clients.

Well Said uses a combination of metrics to measure the effectiveness of the various social media strategies implemented on behalf of The Diamond Boss. These metrics include engagement levels such as the number of followers, likes, comments, messages and impressions from each published post. At the time of writing, The Diamond Boss currently has 12,900 followers on Instagram with an average of 200 likes and 21 comments per post. Louisa Nicola’s LinkedIn following boasts 1,964 ambitious professionals, which is a key target market for The Diamond Boss.


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